Hasan Almajidy is an entrepreneur and a famous music artist in Iraq


Hasan Almajidy is a famous and influential Iraqi entrepreneur and music artist who is gaining popularity in the music industry, artistic production and digital distribution. He started his musical life in 2019 under the popular Shiite Islamic rituals.

Hasan Almajidy was born in Baghdad in 1996. He is an orphan from a poor family who lives in poor neighborhoods in Baghdad. Hasan Almajidy Makers of sad music about the story of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, who was martyred in the holy Karbala and carried great popularity in these Islamic rituals. He got a good monthly listener on Spotify. In a short period of time, he started his musical life from childhood. He was interested in the Husseini rituals in Karbala and got the best makers Musician, producer and artist in Baghdad and was influential in social media, I have many followers

Hasan Almajidy is also a content maker on Tiktok, talking about the hadiths of the Greatest Prophet, and whether he is his home, and he has gained more than 250 thousand followers on the TikTok platform.

Hasan Almajidy is also a YouTube content maker, influencer in the field of technology, editor in Islamic historical films, and has earned YouTube 100,000 subscribers. He is an expert in e-shopping, about buying and selling on Amazon, as well as a number of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in Iraq, according to a television interview that talks about the Internet in technology. modern

Hasan Almajidy has music platforms that have been verified as an official influential artist in Iraq such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deez, YouTube, Spotify and other music stores despite the difficulties faced in the country of Iraq and has passed a great music artist and gained great popularity in the music industry. He was a contributor to the development of modern musical melody. He contributed to building an institution for artistic production and digital distribution

   The social networking site of musician Hasan Almajidy

Facebook Profile @HasanAlmajdy

Facebook @HasanAlmajidy

Instagram @HasanAlmajidy

Youtube @HasanAlmajidy

Twitter @HasanAlmajidy

TikTok @HasanAlmajidy

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