Top Gaming Chairs 2021


Gaming chair plays an important role, While some people starting jumping on the chair when they win the match or a game, On other hand some people go mad start punching and throwing chair when they lose a game. 

Online gamers, streamers or people who are thinking to start their career in gaming should keep in mind that sitting for too long can hurt your back and can make your posture look bad. 

Today we will look at some Top Gaming Chairs 2021

It is Manufactured by Apex Industries, Made in India and made from alloy steel. The chair is 23 Kg and used top material PU leather. easy to assemble. It has 180 degree tilting along with 125 degree swivel mechanism. Inside the box you get a chair with fasteners and tool. 

Manufactured by Gran Soul, comes in Red, Black, White, Blue and Grey colors, Made in china, The chair is around 23 kg, It is made from Metal. As per the manufactures claim that this chair has great neck, head, back, knee, shoulder, arms thighs support. It can take up to 135 kg of weight. You will have manual book to assemble.

Budget friendly chair can be under 10k or around 11k. Made from alloy steel by apex industries. Inside the box you will see chair with tools. The gaming chair is 23kgs.

Top Gaming Chairs 2021 

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