Indian masala tea is not just a normal drink, Its an emotion.


More famous than any Actor, Politician, Sports Player, The Indian Masala Tea is a not just a normal tea its an emotion #Sukoon

India is a country full of festivals, colors and a lot of tasty dishes, In India people like to celebrate festivals together, And when they meet their first sentence is "Chai Lenge Ap"? Guests feel instant freshness and they answer "Ha Kadak Wali Chai Banana."

A Small cup of tea brings all the emotions together like Joy, Happiness, Memories. Indians have Tea in different ways, some have milk tea, some have black tea but their passion for a cup of tea never fades. Indian masala cost hardly for RS 10 or 15 but this small cup of tea makes people come closer and make new friends.

What happens when our friend wins a game, Getting married, Having birthday the most common party is at a tea stall, "Chal aj tu chai pila"

People who travel in trains, busses also have a group of friends who have tea sitting inside train, People in office have tea with their co-workers. Everyone in India drinks tea according to their need and mood, and when they need it, Tea stalls are always there for them.

Tea stall owners start their business around 7 am to 11 pm standing continuously from morning but they never feel tired but they make sure that people feel energetic after having tea. We salute all the tea stall owners who are always there with us to give us amazing cup of Indian Masala Tea. 

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