DJ Ranjana Mishra with her inspiring beats.

DJ Ranaja is techno artist and sets example for youth to never give up in life. "When there is passion for something nothing can stop you."  She is one of the best Dj artist we have in the industry. Having unbeatable experience she knows, what her audience wants and she can make people dance with her amazing DJ Skills.

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Btimes had an opportunity to have interview with her and she is truly inspiring.

People think that Djs simply mix records and play it?

"They might have met wrong DJs, Its highly impossible for a good or famous DJ to play a recorded set or else they would not be that famous and on that level"

Is it so easy for a DJ to make people dance on any tune?

"A DJ knows what crowd wants, He vibes with the crowd and when a DJ vibes with the audience, the audience vibe with the DJ too. Its a give and take. A good DJ knows what music his audience like, he does his home work and delivers the best banger tracks. The energy of a Dj should match the energy of audience, A DJ should be a full pack performer.

How hard it was for you to become a DJ?

"It wasn't hard me to become a DJ, I was very passionate about music. I have my role models from the industry, and I got highly inspired by seasoned artist, I just joined music school to learn more about music and sharpen my DJ skills.

We want you to tell the girls who wants to become a DJ, is it hard for a girl to become a DJ in India?

"Its a great industry, Girls who are passionate about music should definitely take this as a profession. Its not hard at all for a girl to become a DJ, If she has will and love to do it, she will conquer it"

Who or what inspires you to start your day? 

"I start my day with some great melodic music and yoga"

What is your biggest goal in life as a DJ?

"My dream is to play at international festivals and host my own music festival in India" 

A message for People in this pandemic situation?  

"Stay healthy, Keep your self busy, Stay away from news and social media. Invest in time to learn new things, Wear mask get vaccinated" 

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Team btimes wish all the best to DJ Ranajana Mishra.

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