Hollywood Here I Come - Worshipp Khanna.


Actor Worshipp Khanna on his way to become a brand. We have seen him many television shows like "Yeh jadu hai jinn ka", Sethji, "KumKum Bhagya" OTT platforms like "Hello Ji" "Cold Lassi and chicken masala" Netflix "Khan No1"

Tseries song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F33HndKedN8 

In 2020 Some people lost their everything and on the other side Popular actor Worshipp Khanna saw some big changes in his career. He was in his home town when India imposed lockdown but as there are old sayings "You Cannot Hide Talent"  

He got a call from popular comic series "Sunny Jean" Directed and produced by Jordan Gore from US. Worshipp Khanna is playing a negative role Known as Grizz.

When we talk about Bollywood, we have great actors and their acting skills in our mind, Worshipp Khanna is also one of those great actors in Bollywood now we have. Its every actor's responsibility and duty to be in the character as director wants and Worshipp Khanna knows how to do it in amazing way. He makes sure that he influence people in every role he plays.

"I have seen worst days in my life, I am not a star kid or with a big background and that's a biggest reason for my success I know how acting works, I dissolve my character and drink it. Acting is my passion, if I have been a star kid then I guess I wouldn't have valued my acting so much. It was a big competition out there for me but after all the things I am here where I am today. I am blessed to have my family, friends and fans as my supporters" Worship Khanna

He was shocked when he heard that he got such a big project. "This was something really big for me to work on a Hollywood Project." We are bless to have a actor like Worshipp Khanna who is making people know what acting is and what Bollywood is actually made for.

Team Btimes.in wishes Actor Worshipp Khanna all the best for upcoming projects and Thank you for motivating people of India. 

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